Sartre & de Beauvoir

Het Zuidelijk Toneel
Thu 3 Feb ’22 19:30 - 21:10
Freedom is what you do with what is done to you
Thu 3 Feb ’22
19:30 - 21:10
  • Thu 3 Feb ’22
    19:30 - 21:10

In Sartre & de Beauvoir, the cult figures of French existentialism reflect on their lives and their thoughts. And on love, obviously. Always on love.

Acclaimed theater maker and philosopher Stefaan van Brabandt strikes again with this philosophical dialogue. Stefaan makes Sartre & de Beauvoir's ideas topical and provocative, nuanced and thus all the more convincing. You will finally get answers to questions such as why we are “doomed to freedom”, what does de Beauvoir mean by the morality of ambiguity, and what does it mean to be an authentic human being. Your dose of responsible relaxation.

Actors Frank Focketyn and Sien Eggers are comic greats. Their love for the profession of theater is manifested through playful acting. And, Stefaan van Brabandt proves once again that a strong script is the best starting point for a talented actor.

De voorstelling gaat door. De aanvangstijd wordt vervroegd naar 19.30 uur. 
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“Vogue put De Beauvoir on the cover and said: a woman who can think like a man. Really? Time for rehabilitation and real insight into the life, work and relationship of this power couple from the last century. A Philosophical Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Oui, peut-être!”

Piet Menu, artistic director of Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Direction and script Stefaan van Brabandt Acting Frank Focketyn and Sien Eggers Dramaturgy Wannes Gyselinck Artistic advice Piet Menu

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