Sabine Rovers

Nooit meer werken

Het NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel)
Fri 5 Nov ’21 - Sat 6 Nov ’21
A relationship drama for two robots
Fri 5 Nov ’21
Sat 6 Nov ’21

We all dream of it, right? Never get up early again, never make lunch again, never again get stuck in traffic jams or cycling through the rain. No more rushing, lying awake, juggling time… We're going to try it out for an evening – with theater, a delicious three-course dinner and good company.

Fascinated by the increasing automation, digitization and robotization in the daily work of many people, the NUT is studying the effects of this. Are robots the solution for a disturbed work/life balance? Nooit meer werken shows the extreme consequences of the idea that technology is taking over our work.

“A fascinating theatrical thought-experiment about the (ethical) consequences of automation.”



Concept, script and acting Floor Leene and Greg Nottrot Director Roeland Hofman Cast Koen ter Braak and Monica Hofman (trainees HKU) Robots Baxter (production robot), Lucy (serving robot), Zora 1 and 2 (care robots), Gert and Fleur (screen robots), InMoov (3D printed robot) In collaboration with FNV