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Igone de Jongh
verplaatst van 27 januari naar 13 maart
Sun 13 Mar ’22 19:00 - 20:30
The most exciting choreographies from her extensive repertoire
Sun 13 Mar ’22
19:00 - 20:30
  • Sun 13 Mar ’22
    19:00 - 20:30
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Igone de Jongh is enjoying the late summer of her impressive career as a prima ballerina and principal soloist with the Dutch National Ballet. With her first solo theater tour, she is visiting her audience in all corners of our country.

Igone de Jongh: prima ballerina, former principal soloist of Dutch National Ballet and muse of the world-renowned choreographer Hans van Manen. The lucky few who have seen her shine in person have boarded a car, train or plane to do so. Until now, she could only be admired in renowned opera or ballet houses in New York, Paris, Saint Petersburg or Amsterdam.

In the past year, she chose not to sit still but to keep dancing. Inspired by the circumstances, she made two 'corona performances', a public rehearsal in the autumn of 2020, and 'Igone danst door' as part of a special series in the Royal Theater Carré. Her autobiography was also published and the documentary ‘en als beloning zweef je’ was released.

In her first major theater tour, she will dance her most exciting choreographies, with her well-known devotion and craftsmanship, from her extensive repertoire. At times alone on the stage, at times together with a partner or partners, and at times accompanied by live music.

The dances are embedded in a theatrical frame telling the story of her life as a dancer. A life of breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of a single leaf of lettuce, torturous rehearsals, broken feet, but also glittering premieres for kings and queens. And in between all that, sandwiches still had to be made for her child.

Igone will literally and figuratively talk to you. Making the art of dance accessible, touchable, with allure, and without making any concessions to the highest quality.

Helaas kan de voorstelling binnen de huidige corona-maatregelen niet doorgaan op de oorspronkelijke datum en is verplaatst naar 13 maart. 

“The past year has shown more than ever how much we need each other and human contact, so I'm really looking forward to meeting you.”



Directed by Ruut Weissman Lighting design Jantje Geldof