Mon 4 Jul ’22 - Fri 8 Jul ’22
Theaterplan is back with a new performance
Mon 4 Jul ’22
Fri 8 Jul ’22

Long ago in a land far away lived a king's child, a maiden.  Her name was Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, the banished blind king of Thebes who wandered the world and died. Her mother committed suicide; her brothers killed each other. Now she only has her sister, and her uncle Creon sits on the throne.

Her one brother, the defender of the city, is buried as he should be, with all the praise and honor due a hero. Her other brother, the traitor, remains at the king's command, lying in the dust in the middle of the road, fodder for the wild beasts. No one is allowed to bury his body. Whoever rebels against this royal order will have to pay for their actions with death. Antigone loves her brother and faces a choice: will she bow down to power, or will she fight for what she believes in? Antigone's life is certainly not a fairy tale.

Theaterplan Foundation is back and is proudly presenting Antigone. A contemporary, headstrong musical theater production. Performed in the manner that you are accustomed to from Theaterplan – by a young group of talented, all-round performers, for an audience that has grown up with television, mobile phones and social media.

  •  excludes (intermission) beverage

Ten gevolge van de coronamaatregelen kan deze voorstelling niet doorgaan op de oorspronkelijke data en wordt verplaatst naar 4 t/m 8 juli 2022.