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Jack Wouterse | TOEAC
Tue 11 Jan ’22 20:30
About the deadly poison called heartbreak
Tue 11 Jan ’22

Bloedkoraal is a new musical theater performance featuring Jack Wouterse and accordion duo TOEAC, inspired by the age-old story of Orpheus and Euridice.

Tuur (Jack Wouterse), a man in the autumn days of life, is taken to the ICU with sirens blaring. As the hospital staff fight to save his life, Tuur is thrown back in time to his years as a young man. The time when he had a passionate love affair with Meie. It was a short but intensely happy period, full of love, drink and endless lovemaking. They were sure at the time -- they would live to be a hundred together. But then disaster struck mercilessly. Meie died in Tuur's arms. The intended wedding date was her day of death.

Now forty years later, Tuur himself is poised between life and death as he descends to the Underworld to search for his mourned lover. When he finds her, he decides to take her home, against the rules. To achieve this, Tuur and Meie will have to complete an impossible task.

Bloedkoraal is musical theater about the deadly poison called heartbreak. But it's also a comforting story about the art of being unhappy. Even for those unfamiliar with the myth of Orpheus and Euridice, this performance will be a shocking and moving love tragedy.


Concept, music Pieternel Berkers, Renée Bekkers Acting Jack Wouterse Direction, dramaturgy Ria Marks Script Peer Wittenbols

Reneé Bekkers and Pieternel Berkers have formed the accordion duo TOEAC since 2002. TOEAC has won prizes at international music festivals and given concerts both at home and abroad. Bekkers & Berkers work together with writers, visual artists, documentarians and dancers. The duo produced the shows TOEAC Pictures, Moving Rhythms, Pas de Deux, Fairly Tales and De Paraplu.

About Jack Wouterse
Jack Wouterse started out as a clown in Sjoukje Dijkstra's circus. He entered the theater through director Johan Doesburg, and from 1999 to 2017, he appeared at the Ro-Theater in shows such as De Zere Neus van Bergerac and the theatrical hits Walden and ZIN with Arjan Ederveen. He has starred in many films, including the classics Lang Leve De Koningin and Suzy Q, for which he received a Golden Calf award. In addition, Jack is a welcome guest in popular TV series such as Dokter Tinus and Baantjer.

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