De Leken

Floris van Alkemade, Abt Bernardus, Oscar Kocken
Wed 20 Oct ’21 20:30 - 22:30
How do we want to shape our lives in 2021?
Wed 20 Oct ’21
20:30 - 22:30
  • Wed 20 Oct ’21
    20:30 - 22:30
    Past event

In De Leken – part of the Jaar van het Brabants Kloosterleven (Year of the Brabant Monastic Life) – interviewer and theater maker Oscar Kocken (Eindhoven, 1983) joins forces with philosophers, scientists, artists, musicians, poets, activists, idealists, thinkers, doers and monks, looking for new answers to the questions of how we want to shape our lives in 2021 and how we wish to face the future.

This DDW edition, together with chief guest Dutch Government Architect Floris Alkemade (known as the first Summer Guest of 2021 and DDW 2021 Ambassador) and Abbot Bernardus from Koningshoeven Abbey, will examine the question of how the space we have built around us influences our lives, whether we would rather do things differently, and what the alternatives might be.

They surround us all our lives and are not just silent witnesses but, perhaps, also influential factors. Exactly how do the buildings around us influence the way we live, the way we work, who we meet and how we feel?

Floris Alkemade
Floris Alkemade (Sint-Oedenrode, 1961) is an architect and retired this summer after six years as the Dutch Government Architect. In this role, he supervised the major renovation of Huis ten Bosch, the residential palace of King Willem-Alexander, but he mainly gave solicited and unsolicited advice in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape. On behalf of the Board of Government Advisors, he published Panorama Nederland, a future perspective for the design of the Netherlands, with the main themes being water, farmland, urbanization and sustainable energy. His essay De toekomst van Nederland: de kunst om van richting te veranderen (The future of the Netherlands: the art of changing direction) was published during the corona crisis. Floris Alkemade has been appointed Ambassador of the Dutch Design Week 2021, which will take place from October 16 to 24 this year.

Dom Bernardus Peeters
Dom Bernardus Peeters has been abbot of Koningshoeven Abbey in Berkel-Enschot in Brabant since 2005, a contemplative community, but also the place where La Trappe beer is brewed. On one hand, it is a closed community, but on the other hand, it is open and focused on the society surrounding it. Based on the monastic tradition, Abbot Bernardus considers what it means to live in a community, what your place is in society, how the building and the location where you live influence you, and what responsibilities you have as a person towards the outside world. The community wants to set a good example, and in doing so, the community strives for sustainability and circular use of raw materials. And the Abbey is striving to be completely self-sufficient by 2025.

De Leken
De Leken is part of the Jaar van het Brabants Kloosterleven (Year of the Brabant Monastic Life). In an inspiring quest for how we want to shape our future together, contemporary, futuristic and traditional ideas meet in a theatrical worship full of open conversations, music, poetry, theater and personal confessions. What can we take with us from the monastic tradition, and what would we rather leave behind? Which ancient precepts are still current, which deserve to be dusted off, and what are we going to do radically differently from now on? The laymen are looking forward to consulting the experts.