Annaleen Louwes

Kasimir & Karoline

Toneelschuur producties | Nina Spijkers
Tue 28 Dec ’21 20:30 - 22:10
Come to the fair!
Tue 28 Dec ’21
20:30 - 22:10
  • Tue 28 Dec ’21
    20:30 - 22:10
    Past event

Joy Delima and Jesse Mensah play the title roles in this witty and musical performance.

While the country is heading for an economic crisis, rich and poor celebrate at a fair full of beer, music and cotton candy. Kasimir has just lost his job as a taxi driver and is sure that his girlfriend Karoline does not want him anymore. Pushed away by Kasimir, Karoline sets her sight on other men.

Kasimir & Karoline is a critical human piece about how we measure our self-esteem and happiness by our social and financial status.

Due to the tightened corona measures, this performance has been definitively cancelled.


Directed by Nina Spijkers Script Ödön von Horváth Cast Justus van Dillen, Joy Delima, Nikki Kuis, Keja Klaasje Kwestro, Jesse Mensah, Michael Muller, Romijn Scholten Decor Thomas Rupert, Roos Veenkamp Costume Daphne de Winkel Licht Stefan Dijkman Sound Jan van Eerd