Een kist vol Sintliedjes

Sun 28 Nov ’21 14:00
Sun 28 Nov ’21
  • Sun 28 Nov ’21

The most exciting time of the year? Of course, when Sinterklaas is in the country.
The best thing you can think of? Singing songs and dancing together.
So it'll all be just dandy this afternoon.

Apennoten has made a cheerful performance full of Sinterklaas songs! There will be songs you may already know, but also some brand-new Apennoten-Sint songs! For example, what's happened to all the candy? All the pepernoten and speculaasjes are gone! Like every performance by Apennoten, the Sint-show is very interactive. We are going to make music together because, in addition to pepernoten, there are also musical note(n)s! The children can sing and dance along. And what's in that box?

During the show, you will hear all kinds of songs played from the Apennoten program, which can be seen on NPO Zapp. These songs are sung by Nienke, in a small ensemble accompanied by piano, guitar and ukulele. The children from the audience can participate in any song. How? For example, by singing along, playing an instrument or dancing.

The songs are interspersed with stories, told by Nienke and the children in the audience. This creates a musical, theatrical show that entertains and moves you from start to finish. Just like on television, the children learn about music in a playful way.


Featuring: Nienke van den Berg, Bas Fortgens, Menno Wolthers

About Apennoten

Apennoten is a trio consisting of Bas Fortgens, Menno Wolthers and Nienke van den Berg. Bas is the creator of Apennoten and can also be seen on television with the program. Menno Wolthers is a pianist and, together with Bas, was in the BZT band of the BZT show (KRO-NCRV) for many years. Nienke van den Berg is the singer of Apennoten. From 2009 to 2018 she was the face of Zappelin.

A save visit to the theatre

From 25 September you will need a valid corona ticket for all performances.
This can be a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate.

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