Bij ons is het altijd mooi weer

Irene Geurts / Carte Blanche
Fri 24 Sep ’21 - Sun 26 Sep ’21
Fri 24 Sep ’21
Sun 26 Sep ’21

Thomas's father smells like straw and old vegetables. He lies on a sand heap all day long bleating, right in front of their house. He has never seen those 7 locks and bears on the road don't pass by.

Thomas doesn't look like his father. He would prefer to be what he really is: a normal boy. According to his father, that will only get him in trouble. It's time he enlisted help to turn his son into a real goat.

''If you have ambition, then you have to keep it to yourself.'' This is what the Carte Blanche players often hear. "You have to normalize as much as possible and go along with society." But if you always keep walking in step, will you ever discover how much you really have to offer?

Bij ons is het altijd mooi weer is an absurdist, movement performance, inspired by Thomas Thwaites' Goatman and personal stories by Carte Blanche's own players.

  •  Excl. (intermission) beverage