Sugar Coated & Varnam en Mātā

Junadry Leocaria & Poernima Gobardhan
Wed 22 Sep ’21 20:30 - 22:00
Wed 22 Sep ’21
20:30 - 22:00
  • Wed 22 Sep ’21
    20:30 - 22:00
    Pauze 21:15
    Pand P Grote Zaal

Tonight, dancers and choreographers Junadry Leocaria and Poernima Gobardhan will present three dance performances in Pand P: Sugar Coated, Varnam, and Mata.

Junadry Leocaria - Sugar Coated
By special invitation from the Mauritshuis, Junadry Leocaria created the solo Sugar Coated, which she performed during Keti Koti 2020 in the museum’s Gouden Zaal, which has a colonial past. She called it a small victory for herself and her ancestors to dance this story in the most beautiful hall of 'The Sugar Palace'. ‘An ultimate opportunity to recognize and embrace our shared past through art… Healing for everyone, black and white.’ Sugar Coated is a solo that makes just as strong of a statement in other places. The pain, the sadness, the injustice, the powerlessness, the struggle. But also the strength, the perseverance, the creativity, the victory, the enlightenment and the ability to forgive.

Poernima Gobardhan - Varnam
In the classical dance piece Varnam, Poernima uses the characteristic hand gestures (mudras) to represent themother goddess: Durga Mātā. This traditional varnam was created around the same theme as the solo Mātā. Poernima shows how the traditional Bharata Natyam tells the well-known stories from Indian (cultural) history with hand gestures. In this varnam, Parvati, one of the manifestations of Devi, questions her husband Shiva. She describes how she sees him, the one who dances, the destroyer. She longs for a meeting. She reminds him of the times they spent together and asks for an explanation for the long separation. Finally, she invokes him and turns to the different names of Shiva with the hope that they will become one.

Poernima Gobardhan - Mātā
Poernima Gobardhan is one of the great talents of the Indian dance world in The Hague. In 2018, she had the opportunity to create new work and discover her own signature. This resulted in the surprising solo Mātā. Poernima was inspired for this solo by Durga Mātā: the female force that resists negative forces. Durga is the creator and destroyer and preserves justice in all creations. She is often depicted as a warrior who kills the demon Mahishasura. As she fights mercilessly for morality, she looks fierce, frightening and combative. At the same time, she embodies harmony, protection and gentleness. Durga Devi is above all imperishable, her true form is beyond all sensory perception. Poernima dances her solo in her own translation of the Indian dance style Bharata Natyam and brings the duality of Durga to the here and now by letting go of coded hand gestures and age-old stories. She lets the Bharata Natyam speak from her own perspective: a young woman of our time.

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About Junadry Leocaria
Junadry Leocaria (Willemstad, 1985) is a striking figure in the Dutch theater landscape. Her professional dance career started at the age of 18 at ISH Dance Collective where she developed her love for theater and the performing arts. Junadry specializes in waacking - a style that plays with characters, emotions and expression. In recent years, Junadry has also worked as a choreographer, coach and teacher. She has choreographed for Festival Classique, ITA, Holland Dance Festival and Korzo, among others. Junadry is a talented key figure in the Dutch urban theater scene and knows how to move her audiences with her expressive and powerful language.

About Poenima Gobardhan
The Hague dancer and choreographer Poernima Gobardhan is trained in the classical Indian dance, Bharata Natyam (or Bharatanatyam), which has its origins in South India. In 2007, she completed her education for Modern Indian dance in Mumbai. At a young age during her dance studies, she played the role of owner of her own dance school, Pretima Ke Dewashrie. Here she made several pieces for her students and various collaborative projects. In doing so, Poernima became acquainted with the world of makers and was immediately sold. In the beginning, her work was mainly driven by protest against the rigid rules of Indian classical dance, deliberately wanting to break them. Only after she further immersed herself in the classical movement language and completed her Bharata Natyam training in 2012, did this change. The classical training showed her other, unknown ways and deeper layers in dance, and through this path, Poernima has arrived at the point where she is now, experiencing the Bharata Natyam as all-encompassing.

Over Junadry Leocaria

Junadry Leocaria (Willemstad, 1985) is een opvallende verschijning in het Nederlandse theaterlandschap. Haar professionele danscarrière startte op 18-jarige leeftijd bij ISH Dance Collective waar ze haar liefde voor theater en de podiumkunsten ontwikkelde. Junadry is gespecialiseerd in waacking - een stijl die met karakters, emoties en expressie speelt. De laatste jaren werkt Junadry ook als choreograaf, coach en docent. Ze choreografeerde onder andere voor Festival Classique, ITA, Holland Dance Festival en Korzo. Junadry is een getalenteerd sleutelfiguur in de Nederlandse urban theaterescene en weet het publiek met haar expressieve en krachtige
bewegingstaal te raken. 

Over Poernima Gobardhan

De Haagse danseres en choreograaf Poernima Gobardhan is getraind in de klassieke Indiase dans, Bharata Natyam (of Bharatanatyam) dat haar oorsprong heeft in Zuid-India. In 2007 rondde zij in Mumbai de opleiding voor Moderne Indiase dans af. Tijdens haar dansstudie rolde zij op jonge leeftijd in de rol van eigenaresse van haar eigen dansschool, Pretima Ke Dewashrie. Hier maakte zij verschillende stukken voor haar leerlingen en uiteenlopende samenwerkingsprojecten. Op deze manier maakte Poernima kennis met het makersschap en was meteen verkocht. In het begin werd zij in haar eigen werk vooral gedreven door een protest ten opzichte van de rigide regels van de Indiase klassieke dans en wilde deze doelbewust breken. Pas nadat zij zich verder verdiepte in de klassieke bewegingstaal en haar Bharata Natyam opleiding afrondde in 2012 kwam hier een omslag in. De klassieke training toonde haar andere, onbekende wegen en diepere lagen in dans en via deze weg is Poernima gekomen op het punt waar zij zich nu bevindt en ervaart zij de Bharata Natyam als alomvattend. 

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