Before / After

Wed 17 Nov ’21 20:30 - 22:15
Een magisch-realistische mozaïekvoorstelling waarin verschillende levensverhalen met elkaar verweven worden
Wed 17 Nov ’21
20:30 - 22:15
  • Wed 17 Nov ’21
    20:30 - 22:15
    Past event

Most lives aren't at all grand or compelling, but that doesn't make them any less interesting. Before / After zooms in on the small and everyday.

In this latest performance by NITE, Guy Weizman directs the theatrical piece Vorher/Nachher by Roland Schimmelpfennig. In a visual, poetic, mosaic-like performance by a cast of 37 dancers, singers, actors and cinematographers, a universe of small, recognizable stories full of great emotion comes to life on the square millimeter.

In Before/After, 37 ordinary people do everyday things. But in all those lives, something very small shifts, so that they will never again be as they were before. You see a live film on stage that literally zooms in on the body and life of an older woman (Bien de Moor).

NITE consists of Noord Nederlands Toneel, Club Guy & Roni, Asko|Schönberg and Slagwerk Den Haag.

“We are so used to the fact that movies or theatrical performances must be about something epic and grand. But our daily life is usually more about the little things in our little lives. And that is exactly where lies what is deeply human.”

Guy Weizman director


Directed by: Guy Weizman | Script: Roland Schimmelpfenning | Choreography: Roni Haver | Cast: Bien de Moor, Dionne Verwey, Olaf Ait Tami, Sarah Janneh, Joost Bolt, and others dancers: Sofiko Nachkebiya, Igor Podsiadly musicians: Daan van Koppen, Wilco Oomkes, Vitaly Medvedev, Berbe Heerema, Joost Geevers, Chloe Abbott, Reggy van Bakel |Set design: Ascon de Nijs | Costume Design: Maison the Faux