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Wensley Pique | Rose Stories
Thu 4 Nov ’21 20:30 - 21:20
Ingetogen poppenspel
Thu 4 Nov ’21
20:30 - 21:20
  • Thu 4 Nov ’21
    20:30 - 21:20
    Pand P Grote Zaal
    Past event

The intimate puppet show GRANM'MA ('grandma' in Sranantongo), depicts theater maker Wensley Piqué's grandmother during her last days. 

His idea arose when he visited her in Paramaribo for the first time after a long time. "There was little left of the image of my youth - A Garden of Eden with fruit trees and a beautiful house. My grandmother lived alone in a dilapidated house. But she hadn't lost all her zest for life. She started each new day full of energy." Driven by a sense of responsibility and compassion, Wensley decided to take care of his grandmother for a while, but also out of curiosity. How can you wake up each day in these circumstances and face the day with a smile?

With subdued puppet play, where Wensley completely merges with his character, he pays a 50 minute tribute to his grandmother and gives us an intimate glimpse into her last days. The will to live shines through in everyday actions, like shaking a pillow, or marvelling at a gas lighter that she holds too close to her nose. Through the loving way that Wensley plays the puppet, helps her out of bed, helps to tie a pangi (Surinamese traditional costume) and dances through the room with her, we also see a grandson who accompanies his grandmother in her last phase of life.

  •  Excl. (intermission) beverage


Concept, execution: Wensley Piqué | dramaturge: Javier López Pinón | Music: Marlon Penn | Performance coach and advisor: Babiche Ronday & Duda Paiva | Producer ROSE stories in co-production with Bijlmer Parktheater