Bjorn Frins

Polly & Bruce

Zomer van Dertien
Sat 21 Aug ’21 20:00
Rural smells, sounds and lyrics
Sat 21 Aug ’21
  • Sat 21 Aug ’21
    Past event

After years of ignorance, Polly & Bruce (Sanne Samina Hanssen, Woody Veneman) eventually bumped into each other under the Melkwoud. There, among the rustling leaves, they found their common voice.

During an intensive stay on the swampy Wadden of the Low Countries, the couple steadily started to build their live act. Music infused with rural smells, sounds and lyrics through which homesickness, hope and love shine like a shimmering sun. Their debut Acid Love was released in 2020. Enjoy their fine music during a lovely summer evening.

Polly & Bruce were previously seen in the production Onder het Melkwoud by Afslag Eindhoven.