Glodi Lugungu & Jasper van der Veen

Zomer van Dertien
Thu 19 Aug ’21 20:00
Thu 19 Aug ’21
  • Thu 19 Aug ’21
    Past event

During the Zomer van Dertien, comedians Glodi Lugungu and Jasper van der Veen will perform sequences from their debut performances Ze bedoelen het goed and Het dreigt volslagen goed te komen.

Originally from Dommelen, Glodi Lugungu is finally allowed to do what he was born to do: appear on stage in his first performance. He has a knack for showing you the other side of the story with his unexpected views and hilarious stories. In 2018, Glodi won both the jury and audience prizes at the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival. De Volkskrant named Glodi the comedy talent of 2020.

Jasper van der Veen tells beautiful and clever stories full of strong jokes. He is both amazed and angry about himself, his friends, his family and the world around him. Switching quickly, with staunch expressions and sharp reasoning, he dissects society, our blind spots and dead ends. But he starts with himself, his thoughts, his actions and above all, his letting go. He wants to go one step further. He thinks the world must go on. But to move forward, you need to be able to look back, know where you’ve come from and then make a plan. Does he dare do this? We'll see. On Friday, October 15, 2021, this Groningen Amsterdammer will return to Eindhoven with his evening-long try-out in Pand P.