Lisa Ostermann & Dolf Jansen

Zomer van Dertien
Thu 12 Aug ’21 20:00
Thu 12 Aug ’21
  • Thu 12 Aug ’21
    Past event

Comedians Lisa Ostermann and Dolf Jansen will each perform their own show during the Zomer van Dertien -- Met z'n allen and Beter dan een dvd'tje.

Lisa Ostermann won every prize at the Leids Cabaret Festival in 2020 and was proclaimed the comedy talent of 2021 by the Volkskrant. Her first performance Met z'n allen is about enthusiasm, despair, and the tools with which we try to keep the atmosphere alive… and about how little the atmosphere cares about any of it. Expect sharp jokes and musical interludes in which Lisa is accompanied by a funky live band/break dance group made up of… Lisa.

Dolf Jansen doesn't feel like waiting for autumn when he will perform his New Year's Eve 2021.  So, he’s appearing first with Beter dan een dvd'tje, a quick and poetic show about the whole year so far. Rutte and de Jonge are scrutinized, but so are the wappies and the dance teacher, the waiting for Omtzigt and looking forward to the first action this year by van Engelshoven (the Minister of Culture, in case you missed that), the wavering multinationals, the rapping rappers, the cold water swimmers and E-bikers, a Eurovision without cocaine, and a look at Dolf's own Only Fans account... Better than a DVD, because everyone is ready for theater!