Tue 7 Dec ’21 - Sun 12 Dec ’21


René van Kooten, Mariska van Kolck, Dennis Willekens e.a.
The compelling story of hope, love and ambition
Tue 7 Dec ’21
Sun 12 Dec ’21

With more than 800 performances on Broadway, Titanic is one of the greatest musical successes of the past decade. Twenty-five years after the premiere of Titanic on Broadway, the musical hit and winner of the Tony Awards for Best Musical returns to the Netherlands and the Parktheater.

April 10, 1912. The largest and most luxurious passenger ship in the world departs from the port of Southampton with New York as its destination. On board are 1,301 passengers and 941 crew, ignorant of the fate that awaits them. What started as a journey full of dreams for the future, romantic and luxurious, disintegrated into a battle with water.

Dream with the third-class passengers about a new life in America, and watch the first-class passengers immerse themselves in boundless luxury. Meet ship owner Ismay who wants to make history, driving Captain Smith to despair, and designer Andrews who realizes he’s made a massive design mistake.

In this grand musical production with live orchestra, you will experience the last days and hours of the most legendary ship in the world. The musical, with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston and a script by Peter Stone, has won five Tony Awards (including awards for best musical and best music) and a Drama Desk Award.

  • Dutch spoken and sung


Cast René van Kooten, Mariska van Kolck, Dennis Willekens, Wieneke Remmers, Marijn Brouwers, Richard Spijkers, Bert Simhoffer, Linda Verstraten, Jordy van Loon, David van den Tempel and others Director Paul van Ewijk Script Peter Stone Music Maury Yeston

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