Tineke Schouten
Fri 6 May ’22 - Sat 7 May ’22
Tineke is presenting her 25th anniversary show
Fri 6 May ’22
Sat 7 May ’22

Is life easy or difficult now? Is life beautiful or ugly now? Tineke has been wondering that for a long time.

Of course, in this beautiful Netherlands, with our freedoms and achievements, life is usually beautiful and perfectly bearable… but if you allow all the misery of the world to sink in, you can see things in quite a gloomy way. Feels rather double, right? And yes, how do we struggle with decency throughout this 'double' life? This fact has been a great source of inspiration for Tineke for 40 years.

Tineke has already shown us all kinds of caricatures, imitations of celebrities with their idiosyncrasies. And now for this 25th anniversary show, she can't wait to make you laugh again at brand new caricatures with their human flaws. And of course, the beautiful sensitive songs will not be missing. And promised: Bep Lachebek will also pass by for a while. Beppie, a piece of tragedy inside and out. Beppie takes another double vodka, laughs too loudly and lies unabashedly double -- double with a double L. Because life has to be celebrated from time to time. Time for a party, how hard can that be? Tonight, life is beautiful.

The performance on Saturday 7 May is accessible to people with visual impairment
A blind interpreter from Komt het Zien! will be present with live audio description. Only blind and partially-sighted people will be able to hear this through wireless headphones. The blind interpreter will also give a special meet & feel introduction beforehand. Guide dogs for the blind will be welcome.

During the ordering process, choose tickets that also state Komt het Zien. Do you have questions? Please contact our ticket sales via 040 2 11 11 22 / kaartverkoop@parktheater.nl.