Sat 13 Mar ’21 20:00 - 21:05

Wit Konijn Rood Konijn

Het Zuidelijk Toneel | Theo Maassen
Thirty countries celebrate the power of theater one year after the corona shutdown
Sat 13 Mar ’21
20:00 - 21:05
  • Sat 13 Mar ’21
    20:00 - 21:05
    Livestream (watch at home)

On March 13, 2020, nearly all theaters across the world were forced to close their doors due to corona. Now, one year later, the performance Wit Konijn Rood Konijn (White Rabbit Red Rabbit) will be shown on March 13, 2021 in more than 30 countries in order to reflect on this period.

In theaters all over the world, from Argentina to Australia and from India to the Netherlands, actors will take to the stage to demonstrate the power of theater. In the Parktheater, none other than Theo Maassen will perform the play.

Without preparation, without rehearsals, without a director and with a pile of instructions, these actors will step onto the stage. With the stack of described papers in hand, the actor, completely unprepared, will begin a first reading that will immediately become the definitive performance.

While the actor reads and performs, both he and the audience will discover the content of the international theater hit Wit Konijn Rood Konijn by Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour. This play has been translated into more than 25 languages, including Dutch, since its premiere ten years ago and has been performed thousands of times. And always by different actors. Because whoever has performed it once then knows the piece and is not allowed to perform it again.

About the initiative
The Aurora Nova Theater in Berlin has taken the initiative with the international theater community on March 13 to reflect on the fact that most theaters around the world have been at a virtual standstill for  a year already. The power of theater will shimmer across the globe for 24 hours, from New York to Panama City, from Minsk to Medellin, from Uppsala to Istanbul. And in more than 25 Dutch cities.

  • The stage solo will be broadcast via a live stream from the Parktheater.
  • After the performance, you will have a chance to make a donation. The donations will benefit young theater makers in connection with PLAN Talent Development in Brabant. This breeding ground for young theater talent offers them a workplace and support to further develop as professional theater makers, directors or choreographers and is vital for all the vibrant things you will be seeing in our theater halls in the future.
  • More information about our livestreams

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