Kroonwerk, Richard III

Carte Blanche
Sun 20 Jun ’21 16:00 and 20:00
Sun 20 Jun ’21
16:00 and 20:00

I look at the world with confidence. But they think I'm ugly. They think I'm so ugly that even the dogs start barking whenever I limp by them. Wrongfully brought into this world to breathe too soon. I'm here now -- I want to be seen; I belong here too. I'll make sure you see me, willingly or unwillingly.

The Eindhoven theater company Carte Blanche presents Kroonwerk, Richard III at the Parktheater. A performance inspired by Shakespeare's Richard III.


Directed by: Liesbeth Reeser

About Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche is an artist collective from Eindhoven. They create theater, visual work and poetry in performances and workshops. Challenged, talented individuals are given a place here. Handicaps and obstacles do not obstruct them, but rather form the engine for making art. Twenty-five years ago, Carte Blanche was founded by Stefan Jung. Liesbeth Reeser has overseen directing, acting and care coordination for fifteen years. Thinx maker Irene Geurts has been a director at Carte Blanche since March 2020.