Performances while sitting on your couch

Did you know you can see a lot of theater performances on your couch? We have listed a few for you. Enjoy watching!

At home viewing tips

Theater performances that you can watch. Many are free, some you pay a small amount

Titus &Fien Zomershow
Je kunt nu de Titus & Fien Zomershow online bekijken op het YouTube kanaal van Van Hoorne KIDS TV. Zo kun jij de hele kerstvakantie genieten van de leukste grappen en grollen van je favoriete groene vrienden!
Nederlands Dans Theater (betaald)
NDT danst live vanuit Den Haag verschillende voorstellingen. Via livestream te bekijken.
Van der Laan & Woe - Alles eromheen
The cabaret duo presents musical acts, cast-iron scenes and everything around it.
ITA Live (betaald)
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam speelt diverse voorstellingen live vanuit de Amsterdamse Schouwburg. Te bekijken via livestream.
De Verleiders Podcast
Theatermakers en 'Verleiders van het eerste uur' Tom de Ket en George van Houts spreken met uiteenlopende gasten over de thema’s uit hun nieuwste voorstelling Pandepaniek.
Oostpool Stream (betaald)
De komende tijd streamt Toneelgroep Oostpool elke vrijdag een voorstelling live vanuit Arnhem voor bij jou thuis op de bank. Bekijk het programma met alle livestreams en bestel je tickets.
Theater Rotterdam - De gelaarsde poes (6+)
In 2016, Theater Rotterdam presented the family performance De gelaarsde poes. Of course based on the fairy tale The Puss in Boots.
Introdans (betaald)
Dansgezelschap Introdans danst verschillende voorstellingen online.
Podiumkids Thuis
Lots of family performances from the theater super easy on demand at your home! Made available by various youth groups. Responsible screen time for homeschoolers.
Diederik van Vleuten - Mijn nachten met Churchill
An entertaining, confronting and moving quest by the born storyteller.
De Alex Klaasen Revue – Showponies
With Showponies, multi-talent Alex Klaasen, together with a number of 'fellow horses', puts the genre revue back on the map in an unprecedentedly original way.
Rundfunk – Wachstumsschmerzen
In an insane series of fast scenes, absurd jokes and bad dance, the boys of Rundfunk talk about growing up.
Theater Rotterdam - Snorro (8+)
In 2017, Theater Rotterdam released the hilarious family performance Snorro. Based on the fairy tale Zorro.
Toneelgroep Maastricht - Pinkpop
Theatergroep Maastricht paid tribute to love and the world-famous pop festival in 2017.
Eva Crutzen - Opslaan Als
Comedian and actress Eva Crutzen has converted her theater program into three-part comedy.
Het Nationale Theater - The Nation
A very topical, exciting and emotional marathon performance about a lost boy from The Hague's Schilderswijk.
Turks Fruit
In 2019, Jan Wolkers' famous book was shown on stage.
Studio 100 - Bumba in Dromenland (2+)
A wonderful theater adventure for the little ones with Bumba and his loyal friends. (2017)
Guido Weijers
Comedian Guido Weijers has put several of his own performances online.
Jekkers & Jeroen - Als We Zo Vrij Mogen Zijn
A unique program with their most beautiful songs, hilarious stories and entertaining dialogues.
De tolk van Java
De tolk van Java provides insight into our colonial history and the complex mechanism of how victims can become perpetrators.
Theater Rotterdam - Revolutionary Road
In Revolutionary Road, writer Richard Yates fillets the dream of a happy family life.
Oom Wanja
Oom Wanja was the second performance of TSJECHOV3 in 2012, with Pierre Bokma and Hein van der Heijden, among others.
Van der Laan & Woe - Buutvrij
All-over comical finds by extremely versatile comedians' (de Volkskrant) in their fourth performance.
Alice in Wonderland ITA
International Theater Amsterdam and Het Parool are joining forces. Actors from ITA and special guest actors, including Nasrdin Dchar, Noortje Herlaar, Paul de Leeuw, Pierre Bokma and Wende Snijders, will read the stories from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland daily.

Theater on Netflix

Do you have a Netflix account? Then you can see a lot of comedy performances. We have listed a few for you.

Theater on Videoland

Do you have a Videoland account? Then you can watch a lot of theater! We have listed a few performances for you.

Hans Teeuwen - Smerige spelletjes
This cinematic lockumentary (a new and experimental format) bundles all your suffering and lets it escape in a casual laugh.
De kleine zeemeermin (4+)
Dive into the age-old story of the Little Mermaid, played by Sita, who falls in love with the handsome human prince.
Hans & Grietje (4+)
Join an exciting adventure with Hans & Gretel!
Jochem Myjer - Adem in, adem uit
Experienced 'Zen master' Jochem Myjer takes you on an evening-filling calming meditation exercise.
Henry van Loon - Sleutelmoment
Henry van Loon creates handsome types and cartoons on stage.
Richard Groenendijk - Met de mantel der liefde
Hilarious stories, family anecdotes, career depth and highlights and the many colorful figures he encounters in everyday life.
Brigitte Kaandorp - Grande de luxe extra plus
Brigitte Kaandorp sings the golden songs while reinterpreting her life.
Edwin Evers Band - Mooi zo!
Show full of recognizable music in different performances, with accompanying anecdotes and stories.
Youp van 't Hek - Met de kennis van nu
Youp looks back on his own timid beginnings. All with the knowledge of today. But in the meantime it is mainly about the comedian now.
Kabouter Plop - Het Sprookjesboek (2+)
Together with you, the famous gnomes experience a unique fairy tale full of dance, music and humor!
Ronald Snijders - Groot Succes 2
A night of laughter at inimitable craziness, puns, slapstick and crazy songs.
Sprookjesmusical Klaas Vaak (4+)
Klaas Vaak often gives children all over the world beautiful dreams with his magical sleeping sand.
Sprookjesmusical Pinokkio (4+)
About the wooden doll Pinokkio who would love to be a real boy. But whether this fairy tale will come true?

Theater streaming

An online video platform especially for theater to support culture. Or beautiful theater moments bundled from the filing cabinet.

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