Met de fles op tafel

We proudly present our successful series Met de fles op tafel. A whole evening of tasting excellent wines or beers, paired with tasty dishes that complement them perfectly. Meanwhile, listen to host and specialist Siego Jansen, who will tell you a number of fun facts about the wines or beers you’re drinking.

True taste sensations

Our wine/beer specialist and our head chef are always working together in search of the best combinations. The perfect combination of wine or beer with food creates a true taste sensation. They will be happy to explain to you how they arrived at their final food-drink combination. And, where does the wine or beer come from? And, how do you recognize a good wine or a good beer? While you enjoy all the tastes and flavors, they will happily fill you in on all these details.

Upcoming editions of Met de fles op tafel

Once again during the 2019/20 theater season, we are organizing our Met de Fles op Tafel evenings. 

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