Experience live theater in elderly residential care facilities

If you are no longer mobile but still want to enjoy theater, we can bring theater to you via live filmed performances. Parktheater Eindhoven, Vitalis WoonZorg Groep and Open Webcast.nl are proud to provide this service for people living in healthcare institutions.

Begun in 2014, the aim of this special collaboration is to make cabaret, music theater, opera and ballet accessible to anyone who, due to health reasons or limited mobility, is no longer able to visit the theater in the city.

Every season, we select three fantastic shows and present these, via live connection, in various Vitalis healthcare institutions.

Order tickets

Order your tickets for € 7.50 per person (including beverage) via the reception or service counter at participating locations. Tickets for Kortonjo are available at the Wissenhaege reception.

Participating locations

Vonderhof, Peppelrode, Wilgenhof, Kortonjo, Parc Gender, Horst-Kronehoef and Brunswijck (broadcast locations). Berckelhof pairs up with Peppelrode and Theresia pairs up with Parc Gender. More information: Vitalisgroep.

Due to corona no live recordings are planned at this moment.