Frank van Eersel

More than a theater

Parktheater Eindhoven is more than just a theater. In addition to our function as a theater, featuring approximately 450 performances per year, we also have a socially minded core.  


Parktheater Eindhoven has a public service mission: to be relevant in our times. To a large extent, our theater programme contributes to this with performances that aim to move and touch their audiences. Of course, this can be achieved through amusement, but it can also be achieved by providing commentary, by giving every conceivable human thought, fantasy, dream and opinion a place.


A more inspired community can be achieved by giving as much space to art, culture and creativity as possible. With programming in the Hofnar, Pand P, Vitalis, Natlab and the Geluksplekken, (Happy Spots in Eindhoven) and via Wildpark (our youth platform), we have a wide range of stages to fill in order to connect with and inspire people. Parktheater also likes to share its knowledge of theater and of the (international) theater and dance landscape.

Pand P


A socially minded core

The Parktheater contributes to creating a beautiful and viable community: an inspired community. The Dutch Happiness Week event, the thinX innovation foundation, and various partnerships with social and other organisations in the city are prime examples of this.