A save visit to the theatre

A safe and responsible visit
Find all information and corona safety measures here

Go to the theater together and enjoy!

Welcome in our theater! We think it is very important to provide a safe environment for all visitors, employees and artists so that everyone can visit the theater with confidence and we can enjoy the performances together.

Parktheater adheres to the measures of RIVM, the national government and the Safety Region and uses the protocol of the VSCD (trade association of theaters).

We ask you to observe the rules for your and our safety. We wish you an enjoyable performance.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

The main measures

  • Ticket sales
    • You can only buy tickets online (parktheater.nl) or by telephone
    • The halls may have an adapted hall layout. As a result, you cannot choose your seats in the map, but you will be assigned the best available seat.

  • In the theatre
    • Some performances require a COVID admission ticket.  When a COVID admission ticket is mandatory then this is clearly stated in the information about the performance on this website. 
      From September 25, the corona ticket will be valid for all performances and for a visit to our restaurant.
    • We work with fixed seats and an adjusted capacity 
    • It is no longer mandatory to wear a mouth mask in the building
    • Keep 1.5 meters away from others. For performances with a corona ticket and from September 25, the 1.5 meter distance will be cancelled.
    • Follow the walking route that is indicated en the instructions

Don't forget the basic rules

  • Wash your hands
  • Stay at home if you a have health complaints and get tested

What does the Parktheater do to enable a safe visit

  • There are various hygiene measures in place
  • Disinfectant hand gel is provided
  • We have a well-functioning ventilation system with air exchange and a good indoor climate. We refresh the air with mechanical fans by drawing in and then extracting the outside air. The installations that supply and extract the air are continuously monitored and well maintained.
  • You will receive a service email with information about the safety rules no later than three days prior to the performance

What can you do yourself?

  • Do not come to the theater if you have health problems (e.g. fever, colds, cough, shortness of breath). Have you already bought tickets? Exchange it free of charge for a voucher / other show.
  • Do not come to the theater too early, but make sure you are on time (parking, health check, toilet use, taking a seat in the hall)
  • Follow the walking routes and directions in the theater
  • Be considerate of each other

Corona ticket

In addition to a ticket, you also need a corona ticket for some performances in the Parktheater. There is no need to keep a distance. If the corona ticket is required, this will be clearly stated at the performance.


When entering the theater we will scan your corona ticket. You show the corona admission ticket via the CoronaCheck app (it can be a  vaccination certificate, a recovery certificate, or a negative test certificate). Don't forget to bring an ID as well. The employee at the entrance compares the details of the ID with those of the corona admission ticket.

How does the corona admission ticket work?
Upon entering the theater we scan your 'corona ticket'. You can create this proof in the form of a QR code via the CoronaCheck app. First download the CoronaCheck app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can get a corona ticket in 1 of these 3 ways:

1. A vaccination certificate
Are you fully vaccinated? With the CoronaCheck app you can turn your vaccination certificate into a QR code.

2. A proof of recovery
Proof that you recovered from corona less than 6 months ago.

3. A negative test result
Do you not have a vaccination certificate or recovery certificate? Make an appointment for a free corona test via https://www.testenvoor access.org/ You will receive the results and a collection code via your test location. The negative test result can be up to 24 hours old.

On the website of the central government you can find the steps you need to take to turn your test, vaccination or recovery certificate into a valid Corona admission ticket in the form of a QR code, see https://www.rijksoverheid. nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/coronaproof/coronaproof-voor-evenementen.

Don't have a smartphone?
Then you can also print the corona admission ticket via the website CoronaCheck.nl.

Health check 

If you can answer all questions with no, you are most welcome in the Parktheater.

  • In the past 24 hours, have you had a cough, a cold, fever and / or tightness?
  • Do you currently have a roommate/family member with a fever? or shortness of breath?
  • Have you had the coronavirus and was it diagnosed in the past 7 days with a lab test?
  • Do you have a roommate/family member with the coronavirus and have you had contact with him/her in the past 14 days, while that person still had complaints?
  • Are you in home isolation because you have been in contact with someone with the coronavirus?

If you have corona complaints, we would like to receive you another time. 
View the options for returning / exchanging your ticket here.

Frequently asked questions

Our visitor research shows ....

No less than 96% of our guests experience a visit to the Parktheater as safe and relaxing. The majority of our guests (74%) would like to visit the Parktheater again and would recommend a visit to others.

Reactions from our visitors:
"Keep it up! Nice intimate concerts"
"Was in tip-top order. Seemed like a service theater"
"We were very satisfied"
"It was great! and especially how the theater has been adapted ... Mega fun! I am enthusiastic and have recommended it to several!"

"We feel very relaxed"
Visitors enjoy performances to the full again. How do they experience their visit to the Parktheater? Our colleague Loes took a closer look and wrote a blog Hand disinfected, keep your distance and enjoy.

Last modified: September 15, 2021
Because the situation around corona is constantly changing, the content of this page may change regularly. For example due to amended regulations or changes in the internal organization.

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