Monique van den Berg, projectleider en de directeuren van de podia – Giel Pastoor, Jochem Otten, Sjoert Bossers, Paul L’Herminez en Dries Floris

Collaborating theaters Brainport region

Six theaters from the Brainport region have entered into an intensive collaboration this year. Not because it has to, but because it is possible and so much more is possible. Because the stages have the same goal in mind. Make culture and the performing arts more accessible to all residents in this region. Doing more for makers, players, the public and the business community. In co-financing with Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven, ambitious plans have been made for the period 2020-2024. And those plans are now taking shape in the first concrete results.

The cultural pact of the six theaters- Parktheater Eindhoven, Speelhuis en Cacaofabriek Helmond, Schalm Veldhoven, Hofnar Valkenswaard and Kattendans Bergeijk - includes ambitious plans and goals in the areas of internationalization, production and education, among other things. Collaboration is essential to achieve this. Think of connections in programming, marketing, technology, but also themes such as sustainability and diversity. 

Collaboration gives energy
The five directors of the six theaters- Giel Pastoor, Jochem Otten, Sjoert Bossers, Paul L’Herminez and Dries Floris - have been involved from the very beginning. Energetic and direct with their sleeves, and open and honest with each other. With a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of culture. Monique van den Berg is now connected to coordinate the whole as project manager. With over 10 years of management experience in theater land, she is a great addition to the core team. Of course, this team cannot do without the expertise and enthusiasm of their dozens of employees. Based on the goals set, a number of great internal working groups have now been created, which have set to work in practice. Doing and discovering together gives a lot and makes you proud, as is - already - an important observation.

First results
Ticket sales for the new theater season have recently started. The theater stages have already found each other in this. From a collaboration between all marketing employees, they started simultaneously and with a great campaign: a brand new site where the entire range of all theaters can be found.

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