New program

We will soon announce the latest bookings for the Parktheater 150 cm zomerfestival, these are performances that can be seen in September. For example: Martijn Kardol, Martijn Koning, Sven Ratzke, Veldhuis & Kemper, Tigre Blanco.

New program: October to December
Curious what can be seen in the Parktheater the rest of the year? At the end of the summer holidays, on August 22, we will announce the program from October to December. We will announce the program from January at a later date. This allows us to respond flexibly to developments surrounding the corona virus.

You can enjoy new performances, such as a Dining Opera, the Ashton Brothers and family performances by Efteling Theater Productions and Van Hoorne Entertainment, Or of comedians such as Guido Weijers, theater performances by Toneelgroep Maastricht and Het Nationale Theater. But also of dance, including from NDT and Introdans. The performances are played in adapted form for a smaller audience.

Theater makers have made full use of their creativity due to the crisis. For example, Club Guy & Roni creates a performance in which you pass three rooms at the same time. And Nineties Productions makes a performance that you can follow both in the hall and online.

Ticket sales
Keep an eye on the website! Ticket sales for the bookings of the summer festival will start soon (date to be announced). Ticket sales for the program from October -December begin August 26. From August 22 you can already view the program on the website.

A safe visit to the theatre
The Parktheater ensures that a visit to the theater is safe, so that everyone can visit the theater with confidence. For example, the measures of RIVM, the national government and the Security Region have been applied and the protocol of the VSCD (trade association of theaters) has been used. Think of facilities to keep sufficient distance and extra hygiene measures. Guests will receive additional information about the measures prior to the performance. View all measures here

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